Eminem’s Daughter Hailie Jade Explains Why She’s Upset When Asked About Her Dad

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Under the spotlight since a young age, Hailie Jade Scott has been asked about her famous father Eminem numerous times throughout her life. On the first episode of her podcast, “Just A Little Shady ,” Hailie decided to address how she feels every time she’s asked about her dad.

“I have more to offer than just my father”

Although artists are constantly clamoring for social media attention, some still choose to maintain a strict level of confidentiality . Eminem who falls into the latter category has decided to steer clear of the hustle and bustle that comes with fame and his family has also opted for the same choice. Luckily, the world just got to know a little more about Hailie Jade Mathers thanks to her new podcast .

Eminem’s daughter has teamed up with one of his best friends for the Just a Little Shady podcast , and recently Mathers addressed the issue of fans constantly asking about his famous father. ” I did an ‘Ask Me Anything’ and I got a lot of questions, a lot of good questions, but I feel like a good first question to answer, because a lot of the questions were about my dad, the first question I want I should answer: ‘Do I mind when people ask me about my father ?’ »

A two-way answer!

To this question, Mathers replied, “ Yes and no .” ” But honestly, it’s up to a point. So I obviously expect that and there are some things that I can understand why people are really curious about, like anyone would be when you grew up half in the spotlight ,” she said. . ” But once you get past that point, I’m like, I’m a person too ,” she said. ‘ I think I have more to offer than just my dad, so it gets like, tricky but then, like I said, after a while I won’t be speaking on anyone’s behalf. I’m not going to answer things that I don’t specifically have the answers to. So I mean, I guess, yes and no .”

“ I want to grow up when that happens, I’d be more bothered by it because I was like, ‘Why do people care ?’” she laughs. “  I didn’t fully understand the situation. I was like, “That’s my dad, like I’m not asking you about your dad .” And there are certain things like, yeah, it’s just weird that you want to know that .”

Eminem caught the eye for his daughter after featuring her vocals in his previous catalog which also featured tracks targeting his mother and the rapper’s ex-wife , Kimberly Scott. Now 26, Hailie Jade leads her own life and fights to make a name for herself like her father. Check out the full podcast below.

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