Employee devastates Subway to score at Meek Mill

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The desire to sign at Meek Mill cost a man his job. A 28-year-old (now former) subway employee thought it would be a good idea to devastate the space behind the sandwich counter and capture the action with the camera. He addressed himself directly to US star Meek Mill (now streaming on Apple Music) and stated that he would like to get a contract with his label Dream Chasers.


Subway employee hopes for Meek Mill signing


In his video, which has since gone viral, the man makes it clear that he’s finished making sandwiches.
“F * ck all this Subway shit!” He says there. He explains that he actually doesn’t want to spoil the
shop that much. He does it anyway: while he talks into the cell phone camera, he drops plenty of food
on the ground. At some point, everything else that makes a sandwich will be on the store floor. This is
combined with such announcements: “Let Meek Mill know that I am trying to land at Dream Chasers.” In another
video, the perpetrator assures that he wants to clean up later. He also posts on Twitter: “Controversy Sells”.


The plan to reach a broader public with this action initially went wrong. Only now – two weeks after
the promostunt – has the video received more attention. In between, the 28-year-old underlined his rap
ambitions with a clip for the track “Struggling”. Fittingly, the whole thing was filmed in a subway store. The budding rapper, who is trying to get a foothold in the music business under the name JumanneWay,
should not have received any positive feedback from his superiors. He was fired. In a statement received
by NewsWeek, Subway confirmed that the employee was fired from the videos. He has now spoken up once again
and stated that his actions were wrong. He accept the consequences. The vandalism was real. Other videos,
in which, for example, he lays out a toilet seat with cheese and sausage, were fakes. A public reaction from Me


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