Faced with inflation, Snoop Dogg raised the salary of his personal joint roller

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It’s no secret that Snoop Dogg has hired someone to roll his blunts all day long. Aware of the current situation and inflation, the veteran announces that he has increased the salary of his faithful “roller”. »

A joint roller paid ruby ​​on the nail

Here is an unexpected outing from Snoop on social media. Reacting to a tweet signed UberFacts and recalling that the rapper had indeed hired someone to roll his blunts, and that this person was paid between 40,000 and 50,000 dollars a year, the Snoop DO Double G wanted to bring a correction: “Inflation. His salary has been increased!! »

As a reminder, the interpreter of Gin & Juice had confessed in 2019, during a visit to the program Howard Stern Show , to have offered the full-time services of a rolling champion: “It’s his work. On his CV, it is marked: “What do you do? “I’m an RBP, a professional blunt roller. If you’re good at something I need, I’ll hire you. […] He knows, at the head of a person, if he wants a blunt, and if so, he gives you one. He has the best of timings for that. »


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