Family of 14-year-old Astroworld victim sues Travis Scott

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Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival was meant to be just a celebration of music, but it turned into one of the biggest tragedies of the year . The setting in which it took place was simply not large enough for the number of people present , and this led to horrific conditions which resulted in the deaths of 10 people . Since the incident, the headliner rapper and the entire organizing committee have been plagued by multiple lawsuits from the participants as well as the parents of the victims.

John Hilgert’s parents take legal action against Travis Scott

The complaint , filed Wednesday in Houston, alleges that Jacques Berman and the concert organizers failed to provide a safe environment for those present . Among the security vulnerabilities listed are understaffing, inappropriate barriers, and ineffectiveness of emergency medical personnel.

In a statement from John’s father, Chris, it read: “  The pain of the loss of our son John, who did not come home alive from an event like this, is unbearable. He was a handsome young man who just wanted to enjoy his first gig with friends he enjoyed spending time with more than anything.  He goes on to say: ” If this lawsuit saves even a family from having to go through the extreme pain and anguish we have endured, then it is the least we can do to honor the family. memory of John. 

The case, brought by lawyer Richard Mithoff, would claim a million dollars in compensation while dozens of complaints are also filed against Travis, Live Nation and others by victims of the November 5 tragedy .

Travis Scott, Drake and Astroworld organizers sued for $ 2 billion

After reports emerged of more than 100 lawsuits against Scott and his festival team, it was revealed that a new $ 2 billion lawsuit was filed . The complaint, which was recently filed by lawyer Thomas Henry, who represents more than 200 participants at the Astroworld festival, thus adds to the long list of actions brought against the native of Houston.

The complaint mentions Travis Scott, Drake, Live Nation, NRG Park, and more . She says the crowd was “made  into a frenzy  ” when Scott started performing, resulting in a crowd movement that left ten people dead and hundreds injured. It should be noted that the action brought for the payment of 2 billion dollars accuses the organizers of Astroworld of not having taken into account similar security concerns of the festival in 2019 , where there were also difficulties with the control of the crowd. ” The defendants had the opportunity to make an exorbitant sum of money from this event, but they chose to take shortcuts, cut costs and put festival attendees at risk , ”says Henry.

By the way, it was recently reported that the festival venue, NRG Park , only has third party liability insurance worth up to $ 26 million . Even if Scott, Drake, and the festival organizers end up settling the multiple lawsuits, the insurer, and likely many parties involved, will lose a lot of money as a result of this tragedy.

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