Fan makes marriage proposal to Rick Ross in concert

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You’ll never get used to scenes of fans trying their luck with their favorite artists. Indeed, Rick Ross was taken by surprise in the middle of a concert by one of his admirers who handed him a ring as a sign of a marriage proposal. Following this, the rapper shared the video of the scene on social media, while asking his fans a question.

Rick Ross as a Don Juan

A fan caught Rick Ross off guard during a recent performance by offering his hand in marriage. Ross therefore shared footage of the girl’s video on social media as she gave him the ring. In reality, what the young girl said in the video is not very clear so that we understand her intention. But, in a caption on the clip, Ross asked his fans, “Did she ask me to marry her, do you think?” “

As a reminder, Rick Ross is currently romantically linked with Tanzanian model Hamisa Mobetto. The ”  Port of Miami 2  ” singer recently opened up about her relationship with Mobetto in an interview with a local radio station. “I have to be honest, there is a connection between us. But, how badly do you want me to tell you about it? I will do her the honor of telling you about it herself. So I want you to make sure you do an interview with her, ” he said.

The rapper is visibly happy as a couple

Rick Ross has always been very low key when it comes to dating, but the star hasn’t tried to hide his relationship with Moretto at all. Thus, it already shows the seriousness of Rick and his involvement in this new relationship with the top model. Moreover, in the rest of his interview with the radio, Ross added that Mobetto is driving him crazy and that he is very proud of her. The rapper also did not fail to say all the good things he thought about his beloved: “She is such a beautiful person, a beautiful mind and she is a huge entrepreneur and I want to help her move on. at the upper level. “

Meanwhile, Ross and Mobetto were spotted relaxing during their recent vacation to Dubai last week. We can therefore say that the admirer of the rapper has no chance of stealing the heart of the star, obviously very much in love with his sweetheart. Check out the video of the fan’s attempt to win Ross over below.

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