Fan paralyzed at Travis Scott concert in 2017 speaks out on Astroworld festival

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Following a crowd movement during Scott’s performance, eight participants were killed and hundreds more were injured. At the heart of this drama that hits the headlines, a former victim of crowd madness speaks.

But first, back to the facts

It is impossible to determine at this time whether the drama was the result of an isolated factor or whether it was a combination of factors. Statements from public security authorities and accounts from witnesses provide some information about what happened. “  The crowd, for one reason or another, started to push and move towards the front of the stage, which caused the people in the front to be squeezed – they couldn’t escape this situation. “ said Sam Peña, fire chief of Houston, to CNN.

Madeline Eskins, an intensive care nurse who was in attendance at the festival, said the situation worsened as the countdown neared for Scott’s entry on the stage: “  All of a sudden people are turning. press against each other, pushed forward and backward. As the stopwatch got closer, “Eskins told CNN,”  I had constant pressure on my chest… I was being squeezed… Just when he started to perform his first song, I looked at my little one. friend and I said: We have to get out of here. “

“  As soon as it started, all hell broke loose. What must be 50,000 people rushed forward, squeezing everyone with what little air was available, ” said Alexis Guavin, another CNN mic viewer ,“ Fortunately, I have the experience. mosh pit and I’m six feet tall, so I could at least lift my head to breathe, but others [haven’t] been so lucky. ” 

A heavy toll

With an audience of around 50,000 people, we deplore a total of eight dead and hundreds more injured. The deceased victims were between 14 and 27 years old. Twenty-five people were hospitalized, the youngest patient being just 10 years old. Some people appear to have been trampled on, authorities said. 

Kyle Green, a former victim is revolted 

Kyle Green, a Travis Scott fan, was seriously injured after being pushed from a balcony in Terminal 5 in Manhattan, during a performance by Scott. He said he was forced to step over the edge of a railing “I see you, but are you going to do it?” “Has said the rapper fan who approached the edge of the railing. “  They will catch you. Do not be afraid. Do not be afraid ! ”  

Green allegedly broke several bones, including vertebrae, according to reports of a lawsuit filed six months later. He was then pulled from the ground by show staff ”  without a cervical collar, backplate and other safety measures.” “ According to his lawyer, Howard Hershenhorn. ”  The security was raised as a potato sack and carried it forward. Travis gave her his ring. Then they finally carried him outside. Unfortunately, he was paralyzed, ”said Howard Hershenhorn, Green’s attorney. The case is still ongoing, but according to Hershenhorn Green “  can walk now, but with a significant handicap. He is still partially paralyzed ”.

Learning of the November 5 tragedy, Green’s attorney told Rolling Stone that Green was “  devastated and heartbroken for the families of those who were killed and for those who were seriously injured. He is even more outraged that all of this could have been avoided if Travis had learned his lesson in the past and changed his attitude by making people behave in such reckless ways.

The recurrence of too many 

In 2019, during the second Astroworld festival , hundreds of people rushed on metal barricades to break into the event. Three people were hospitalized ”  with minor leg injuries from trampling,” Rolling Stone noted. The police department initially described the event as under-staffed, stating that ”  the promoters did not sufficiently plan for the large crowds .  

In 2015, Chicago police arrested Scott at Lollapalooza after he allegedly instigated fans to climb security gates and take the stage, according to Rolling Stone. 

In 2018, Scott pleaded guilty to disturbing the peace over an incident at a concert in Rogers, Arkansas, the previous year; local police said Scott “was  encouraging people to rush onto the scene” (according to Billboard). Hip-Hop Lately also reports that Scott deleted a tweet from May in which he appeared to support sneaking “ wild  ” fans  into his shows.

Live Nation, which produced Astroworld, has also come under scrutiny for alleged security concerns, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Over a three-year period, from 2016 to 2019, Live Nation Entertainment and Live Nation Worldwide were ”  cited for 10 OSHA violations and fined for serious violations including issues with a ladder, rope and scaffolding that caused a fall in a Connecticut theater in 2016, ”the newspaper said. 

Officials found ”  minor violations” at an event location in Mountain View, Calif., In 2017, and during an inspection in Washington state in 2019. A non-union staff member was taken to hospital for cuts in early September 27, 2018 “when he was struck by a 6-foot steel pole that fell in a staging area during another event in California.” The promoter was fined $ 10,000 for the incident, according to the newspaper. 

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