Fans are annoyed by “too much Helene Fischer”

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Helene was a guest on the TV show “Klein gegen Groß” and stole the show from everyone. But their fans were less enthusiastic.


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Documentary flops
In October 2021, Helene Fischer released her studio album “Rausch” and also broughtthe documentary “Im Rausch der Senses”onto the market. The film was broadcast on ZDF and caused a rating low that the station had not seen for months. With just 2.81 million viewers on Saturday evening, October 16, 2021, ZDF had to line up at the bottom and was described as a “promotional event for the new album”.

Shortly after the publication of “In the intoxication of the senses” , another show by and with Helene Fischer was broadcast. This time Stefan Raab is said to have produced the coup “Ein Abend im Rausch”, which ran on Sat.1. But this time too, the competition from ARD, ZDF and RTL was able to prevail and generate higher ratings .

While the ZDF crime thriller attracted around 6.43 million viewers in front of the television, only 1.99 million people watched the Helene Fischer documentary …


Credit: Andreas Rentz / GettyImages

Fans are annoyed
The pop singerwas not deterred and in the same breath announced her concert tour planned for 2023. But her fans weren’t really enthusiastic, after all, the pregnant artist once again seized the opportunity, appeared at “Wetten, dass …?” And accepted another coup: 

Fischer was not only announced at “Small against Big” like the main guests Martina Hill, Heino Ferch and Kurt Krömer, but was also brought to the fore. She was greeted with fountains of sparks, called the “greatest entertainer of all time” and “most important artist of our time” and got her own long clip. But her fans were not enthusiastic about all the hype, instead she was labeled an “annoying overdose”.

We have some of the comments on “Small versus Big” for you here:

Helene Fischer had probably not dreamed of such reactions from her appearance on

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