Fat Joe recalls his role in ending the East-West War decades ago

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The New York icon recounts his meeting with Minister Farrakhan and other influential rappers at the height of the conflict.

Fat Joe has been in the rap game long enough to have an endless supply of stories, anecdotes and secrets to tell. The New York rapper emerged on the hip-hop scene decades ago and has carefully built a career that many up-and-coming artists would like to emulate. 

With time and experience comes the moment when we confide in the path we have traveled

During a visit to Big U for the Checc’n In Podcast , Fat Joe recalled his role in ending the conflict between East Coast and West Coast rappers many years ago.

Joe spoke about the meeting with Minister Louis Farrakhan that was held at the time, and in which a number of artists were allowed to discuss what really was the heart of the matter. On the occasion of the meeting, Farakhan stood up for rappers who use foul language and graphically portray violence and sexuality, saying they only reflect  the nation’s “ gangsta ” society and government  . But he also implored the rappers to recognize the influence they have on their fans and asked them to raise the level of their speech.

“I love you, but I’m not sure you’re doing all you can,” Farrakhan said during his two-and-a-half-hour speech, which he called ”  probably the most important speech I’ve ever had.” done in my life, because you are the most important people I have spoken to in my life. “

Among those in attendance were rap moguls Simmons and Sean Combs, rapper-producers Wyclef Jean and Jermaine Dupri, and rappers LL Cool J, Queen Latifah and Redman.

Fat Joe is weighing his weight to pave the way to resolving the confli t

Fat Joe claims to have criticized Ice Cube that the Los Angeles rap icon should have been more involved in calming the storm. “You should’ve been the n * gga trying to bring peace.” That’s what I was trying to tell him, ”he said. “Everyone loves you, you could have put that sh * t up and crushed that.”

Apparently he and Mack 10 showed mutual respect and are committed to spreading positivity.

“From there it showed people that New York and LA could work together, and we became a bond, and we were making videos together and working,” he added. “I would like to say that it eased the tensions between the east coast and the west coast. Something like that was needed; a Fat Joe, a Mack 10, and everyone starts working with each other, showing brotherhood and oneness. “

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