FBI joins criminal investigation into Astroworld music festival deaths

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Many questions surround the tragic events that unfolded at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival in Houston. Eight people have been confirmed dead and many more injured, including a 9-year-old who is currently fighting for his life. As new lawsuits are brought against Scott and the festival organizers, federal authorities are stepping in to investigate the incident.

Calls for an independent investigation multiply

A prominent elected official from Houston, Texas is calling for an independent investigation into the deaths at Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival on November 5. Indeed, it was County Judge Lina Hidalgo, Harris County’s senior elected official, who previously took to Twitter to call for an independent investigation to be conducted outside of what the Houston Police Department is already doing . The Associated Press notes that Ms Hidalgo does not have control over the police investigation, but is within her power to request an independent investigation.

Hidalgo has not decided who will conduct such an independent investigation or how it will be conducted, a spokesperson told The Associated Press on Monday. The spokesperson notes that the judge wishes to shed light on the causes of this tragedy .

However, she is open to learning that the deaths at Astroworld were not preventable and that it was simply an unexpected tragedy . ”  This is something we would also like to know, ” said the spokesperson.

Timely FBI involvement

The news of the involvement of the FBI in this case comes as the fans demand accountability for Travis Scott. The Astroworld performer ‘s track record of chaotic concerts resulting in injury has been mentioned many times. Most recently, a fan who became paralyzed after being pushed off a balcony during a Travis Scott show expressed devastation at the news. ”  He was extremely upset and sad for the devastation of these people and their families the people who were killed and those who were horribly injured, ” Howard Hershenhorn, Kyle Green’s attorney, told TODAY. At the same time, he was reallyangry with Travis and Travis’ team including his safety etc. because Travis clearly didn’t learn what happened previously . ”

In the meantime, the rapper has pledged to cover the funeral costs of the victims and the mental health resources of those affected. What’s more, he also canceled his show at Day N Vegas this weekend while promising to give a full refund to everyone who attended his festival.

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