Fetty Wap explains why he retired from music: “I pay for everything”

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Rapper Fetty Wap is still signed by two labels. However, he claims to have paid for everything: his tours, his tour buses, and more. Which justifies his decision.

First interview since his release from prison: Fetty Wap gives the reasons for his departure from the music scene

In his first interview after his release from prison, Fetty Wap answered questions from Joe Fat about current events in his life and his music career. 

Last October, the New Jersey rapper had just made a triumphant return to music with the release of his album The Butterfly Effect. A real feat for Fetty Wap who still mourned the tragic death of her daughter. His album The Butterfly Effect was greatly applauded by his fans. We are talking about 10 million records have been sold.

“You are on fire, you are breaking records (…) You have sold ten million records and then for me, I had the impression that you had disappeared, as if you had just fallen. Joe Fat remarked. 

Fetty Wap explained to Fat Joe the reasons for his disappearance from the rap game when he was so successful. The rapper talks about the weight of financial expenses that have become a burden for him. Still under contract to RGF Records and 300 Entertainment, he said he felt like he had to take care of his own business.

“I felt like I had to do everything myself. I put all the bread for the tours, I paid for the tourist buses; everything came from my expenses. It was like I had to pay you everything but I pay for everything else. I got a little depressed in a way. If I am the leader, why is no one supporting me? ” did he declare. 

He also added “If I may, I would say it was more because the people around me were inexperienced. Like, nobody had any experience, honestly ”.

It’s a tough time for Fetty Wap. Between the loss of his daughter, the depression faced with the realities surrounding his album, he was arrested; accused of leading a drug trafficking operation. Fetty did not want to comment on this matter.

After being released on bail, Fetty Wap performed live for the first time this Sunday, November 21, 2021.


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