Fetty Wap has donated 72 cars to his entourage since becoming famous

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The year 2021 will not have given Fetty Wap any gift . Having lost his 4-year-old daughter last summer, arrested in October for her alleged involvement in drug trafficking, the rapper behind the hit Trap Queen nevertheless took the time to visit Akademiks to participate in his podcast Off The Record . The opportunity to glean an anecdote that says a lot about the character.

Cars offered following

Discovered by the general public in 2015 thanks to the Trap Queen cardboard , Fetty Wap has since had a rocky career. And if his comeback is still long overdue, the artist for his part did not make his family and friends wait patiently to share the fruits of his labor with them. As he confirmed to Akademiks, the native of Paterson will have been very generous towards his entourage once his first big pills cashed, to the point of having offered more than 70 cars : “Since all the time? Yeah, 72. For almost everyone. Back then, bro, like I said, I wanted everyone to be happy. “

An honorable decision, but which will not necessarily satisfy the artist, entangled in a depression as he had explained to Fat Joe some time ago: “The people around me had no experience. […] And then the money comes in, and it’s like, what do we do with that, and with that… I felt like I had to do everything on my own. For the tours, I paid for the food, the tour buses. I paid for everything. It more or less put me in depression. “


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