Fetty Wap speaks out for the first time since his arrest

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Court cases are becoming more and more recurrent in American showbiz. Even though cases differ from rapper to rapper, they all relate to justice. This time it is the rapper Fetty Wap who is hampered by the law. Arrested for a few weeks, the American rapper breaks the ice and lets out a rant.

Fetty Wap on the brink

The youngster from New Jersey has established himself as a rising star in recent years. Starting off with rap, he quickly turned to singing to explore other horizons. His adventure on this new musical texture was rather successful and confirmed all his talent. In 2015, he released his first album after being propelled by his single “Trap queen”. The song is experiencing a crazy rise and is essential as a “must-played” of all evenings. The rapper’s blind eye does not seem to be a blockage for his evolution.

This year, he is throwing a jewel of 17 pieces, including “Mona lisa” and “My moment”. In addition, Fetty is expected to perform the titles of her new album at the Rolling Loud festival in New York. But the situation turns sour for the rapper. He was arrested by federal authorities as soon as he arrived at the stadium which serves as locations for New York festivals. Fetty is ultimately charged with possession and trafficking in heroin, fentanyl and other drugs. To this was added the carrying and use of firearms.

The Paterson native will not stay there for long. He is released on $ 500,000 bail, but remains under threat of life in prison. With the rigor of the law, if found guilty, he could spend the rest of his life there. Since this arrest, the interpreter of “Milan” finally gives voice. He talks about the probability of spending his life behind bars. “Loyalty can be both a great trait and a lethal trait. Choose wisely who you hang out with, but never change what you represent, ” says the artist. But he still remains positive about the end of the events and continues “  I am on probation. If it’s not life, it’s not forever. I’ll be wiser and smarter back ”.

Fetty Wap: a rapper who is no longer detached from justice

This altercation with justice is not a first for the rapper from New Jersey. The author of “Remember Me” already has a history with the law that goes back years. The rapper has already been arrested in 2019 for beatings or assault. Indeed, in September 2019, the rapper was staying in Las Vegas in a luxury hotel The mirage.

The artist allegedly hit a valet with whom he argued three times. He continued with beatings to two other employees of the hotel complex. Seized in an emergency, the police drove the rapper to the station where he is kept in sight for a few hours. For the record, the New Jersey native was also arrested for drunk driving in 2017.

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