Fetty Wap: treated as a neglectful father after the death of his daughter, the rapper breaks the silence and responds to the mother of the child

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Fetty Wap is undoubtedly going through one of the most difficult times of her life. The rapper after losing his 4-year-old daughter Lauren Maxwell this year, is facing a lot of criticism from his ex-wife. Accused of wanting to do marketing with the death of her daughter, Fetty Wap did not hesitate to respond to the latter’s mother.

Fetty Wap accused of bad father after daughter’s death

To try to heal the wound left by the death of her daughter, Fetty her comeback album,  The Butterfly Effect, in  late October. An album that visibly revolted the mother of her late daughter.

Fetty Wap claimed that the album’s butterfly themes were a tribute to Lauren, due to her fondness for butterflies. However, the one who identifies as his ex-wife Turquoise Miami decided to clarify that tune and explain why it was wrong, and that he was using his late daughter’s name for marketing purposes : ” She loves butterflies like she loves all animals but she has always been a mermaid princess like the little mermaid and that was her thing! She had the mermaid doll, the matching clothes, she made me buy a mermaid doll for her best friend too and we had to watch The Little Mermaid every day and sing the soundtrack every morning. I’m not throwing fucking butterflies knowing this was a marketing plan for an N *** a to use . She said.

Earlier, Turquoise embarked on a rant to reveal that Fetty never cared about her daughter when she was alive. The mother of the late Lauren has indeed explained that the rapper visited his daughter once or twice a year, and that he continued to take advantage of media opportunities to gain sympathy after the death of his daughter.

“  You cry for the time you didn’t take advantage of. You don’t really cry because you miss this little girl because you have a connection to her. You haven’t called her every day, you haven’t called her every week, you haven’t called her every month. That nigga probably called her about once or twice a year. You don’t mourn what you actually lost because when you had the opportunity to have it, you weren’t interested . She revealed.


Fetty Wap brushes aside his ex-wife’s accusations

In a post made on his Instagram account, a few hours ago, rapper Fetty disagreed with the many accusations made by his daughter’s mother. “  I’m fighting real shit, ” Fetty wrote on Instagram. “ I don’t respect the internet shit. Much love for those who bring peace to my life at this point,  ”he added. It should be noted that this is the first time that Fetty has spoken wordlessly about Lauren’s death since she died in August of an arrhythmia caused by complications from congenital heart defects. 


2021, the black year of Fetty Wap?

At the end of October, on the 28th more precisely,  Fetty Wap  was arrested by the New York police, just a few hours before his appearance at  the Rolling Loud festival in New York for a vast case of drug trafficking. The rapper is implicated alongside five individuals in a New York court. They are indeed accused of having transported, distributed and sold more than 100 kg of drugs, in particular heroin and fentanyl, a powerful  synthetic opiate , on Long Island, near New York, and in New Jersey from June 2019 to June 2020.

During the searches , the police seized nearly $ 1.5 million in cash, 16 kg of cocaine, two kg of heroin, many fentanyl pills and several weapons . Arrested by the FBI on October 28 on Long Island in the area of ​​a festival where it was to occur, Fetty Wap is accused of having served as a ” distributor ” within this drug trafficking.  While facing a life sentence, Fetty Wap was released on bail and placed under judicial supervision on Friday, November 5. But since his release from prison, nothing is as before for the rapper author of his hit single Trap Queen .  

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