Fireboy DML invite Ed Sheeran sur le remix de Peru

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The title Peru was released in July and received an immediate and widespread reception. It has given rise to numerous covers, notably by Nigerian artists like Maleek Berry and Buju, as well as megastar Ed Sheeran. The British singer spoke to Elton John on the pop icon’s Rocket Hour show, saying he found the track Peru “very intriguing.” 

Sheeran and Fireboy were able to join forces on the remix of the track where we hear Sheeran singing a few words in Yorùbá

Detailing how the collaboration with Fireboy came to fruition, the Shape of You star thanked Jamal Edwards, founder of SBTV, for introducing him to the record, which Ed Sheeran described as “a pearl for the ear.”

He [Jamal] said, ”  Fireboy DML would love you to be part of the remix of this song.” This song is exploding in Nigeria and Ghana right now, and their club scene is running during Christmas. So basically you put a song in a club in the middle of December, which would seem weird to do in England. But, yeah, I did the remix of that song… It’s an earworm, and it’s addicting. And I’m obsessed with it. I mean, Cherry [Ed Sheeran’s wife] will tell you, I’ve had this song on repeat in the house for a week.

Produced by Shizzi, who is popular for his extensive work with people like Davido and Wizkid, ‘Peru’ is defined by an enduring party groove invoked by stripped-down percussion work and ultra-fine melody.

“It has been a dream to know that Ed Sheeran is a fan of my sound and to see him jump on a song that was inspired by my trip around the world,” Fireboy DML said in a press release. “It’s not only an exciting time for me, but also for Afrobeats. Hope this is the first in a long line of collaborations with Ed and other artists around the world, and I can’t wait for everyone to enjoy this song over the holidays. “

“You give me feelings, no I’m not leaving

Until I go to Los Angeles next weekend

Peru, nah, girl I’d rather go find a quiet place

You beam and I get lost in your eyes.

Omoge no be so

My daughter, you captured my soul ”

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