Fred Musa at peace with Booba? B20 insane

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It is no secret that Booba is in clash with many artists from the French scene. But what some don’t know is that the 92i rapper also clasps the animators. As proof, he has been at war for several years with the famous host of Planète Rap , Fred Musa . But the latter claimed a few days ago to have buried the hatchet with B20. A statement that the author of ” Ultra ” has formally denied on social networks.

Booba vs Fred Musa: a conflict that dates from Lunatic

For several years, Booba has not ceased to severely tackle Fred Musa, as well as Laurent Bouneau , director of programming of Skyrock. He also strives to boycott the famous station and never goes there to promote his various projects unlike the majority of rappers.

To understand the reasons for the clash between these actors of urban music, we must go back to the time of ” Lunatic ”. Indeed, as affirmed by the interpreter of ” Léo Messi ”, Fred Musa and Laurent Bouneau would have severely criticized the music he made with his sidekick of yesteryear, Ali . In addition, Booba accuses the journalist and his radio of practicing a certain “dictatorship” because they have a monopoly. In addition, he affirms that Skyrock allows itself to “change the refrains”  of certain singers in order to allow them to pass on their airwaves. Rather serious accusations, but to which the respondents did not respond.

Booba x Fred Musa: the war is never over

A few days ago, Maes who is about to release her mixtape ” Réelle Vie 3.0 ” was on Skyrock to promote the said project. An opus on which we find several featurings including YNS, Oboy, Zed and Tiakola , but also Booba . Collaborations that were mentioned by Fred Musa during the show.

And when Maes spoke about his connection with his mentor Kopp, the journalist claimed that the latter would have made a dedication to him on their joint track, in particular ” Platine o plomo “. He said in particular: “ I also greet Booba, I will not reveal but I am touched ”. And to Maes to add then: “ You saw, there he made you a real phase, there it is peace there now ”.

But for B20, it is quite the opposite. Always on the lookout for news about the rap world, he did not miss the statement of Fred Musa and wanted to deny his allegations. Thus, the founder of the 92i said in the story of his brand’s Instagram account:  “It’s wrong !!! Booba hates Frédérico le Colon and his boss (Laurent Bouneau, Editor’s note) ”.

We can therefore say that the hatchet between Booba and Skyrock is not about to be buried anytime soon.

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