Freddie Gibbs and his team are assaulted by Jim Jones’ backyard. Akademiks laughing

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Freddie Gibbs and his team were having dinner at Prime 112 in Miami on Tuesday, December 14, when they ran into Jim Jones’ backyard. According to VladTV, a brawl broke out after the respective groups exchanged a few words.

Unsurprisingly, Gibbs’ rival Akademiks enjoys every minute

“According to sources, a fight broke out between Jim Jones ‘team and Freddie Gibbs’ team at the upscale restaurant, Prime 112, in Miami. Apparently the two sides ran into each other in the facility and a scuffle broke out after words were exchanged. Sources also detailed that #FreddieGibbs and his team took the worst of the trade, ”Gibbs wrote on Instagram, in a post titled“ Freddie Gibbs and his team got beaten up by Jim Jones’s team at Prime 112 ”. Akademiks added on Twitter: “ Freddie Gibbs certainly told his police officer father and his district attorney brother what Jim Jones did.” before mocking Gibbs by writing “@freddiegibbs are you okay !? “.

The rivalry between Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones dates back to at least 2014, when Gangsta Gibbs claimed Jones was a fake gangster. About a week later, Gibbs was shot after a show at Rough Trade in Brooklyn. While Gibbs escaped unscathed, two members of his entourage were injured. He later told the NY Post, “They tried to kill 2Pac. They tried to kill me. I am still alive. “ When it was suggested that Jim Jones was involved, Gibbs was not so sure and said: ” I doubt that Na is also a cat. “

As for Gibbs and Akademiks , they have been exchanging hostilities for several months. In an interview with Jalen & Jacoby earlier this month, the Grammy-nominated rapper appeared shirtless on the show and told hosts, “  I’m training for a fight. ” A statement following which Jalen asked 

– “Oh, you’re training for a fight.” Who does Freddie Gibbs train against? “

– “DJ Akademiks,” he said bluntly. ”  I’m doing 185, DJ Akademiks 204, so I think we can do this fight. He announced yesterday that he wanted to do a celebrity boxing fight so it could be donated to charity, you know what I mean? I do not want any money. If I win, I just want Akademiks to delete their Instagram and Twitter and quit the rap game. “

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