Freddie Gibbs responds to Akademiks about his family

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Fredrick Tipton aka Freddie Gibbs is an American rapper from Gary, Indiana. This year, he made a name for himself by releasing tracks such as “Gang Signs”, “Big Boss Rabbit” and “Black Illuminati”. Since 2020, a clash has remained between Dj Akademiks and him because the latter qualified it as irrelevant and the spikes keep raining from then on. Lately, Akademiks seems to be interested in his opponent’s family.

Freddie Gibbs versus Akademiks: a bizarre conflict

The conflict between Freddie Gibbs and Akademiks couldn’t be more bizarre. One streams on Twitch, the other is a repentant drug dealer with a penchant for trolling. The two opponents have been passing the buck for a while now, although Akademiks has thrown the white flag after closing his Instagram page. Moreover, he accuses Freddie Gibbs of being responsible for the suspension of his account .

During a recent appearance on Million Dollaz Worth Of Game with Wallo and Gillie, Akademiks spoke out about his feud with Freddie Gibbs. His first words about it were along the lines of a comparison between rapper Gibbs and Tekashi 6ix9ine . In his opinion, Gangsta Gibbs is similar to 6ix9ine because he dumped it on Instagram , while Tekashi literally testified in court.

Akademiks “Exposing the Family” by Freddie Gibbs

Akademiks continues his statement of grievances against Freddie Gibbs by addressing the issue of his family. He continued to question Gibbs’ alleged ties to the street, claiming his family members had legal jobs .

Ak has said that Freddie Gibbs’ dad is a cop, information Gary’s rapper never hid and posted long before his feud with blogger Akademiks. Then DJ Akademiks said that Freddie Gibbs’ brother is a doctor . This is another fact that the “Big Boss Rabbit” rapper previously mentioned on social media and in interviews.

However, Ak mentioned allegations unknown to the public at this time. He claimed that Freddie Gibbs’ other brother was a district attorney , information the rapper never mentioned in his statements . It is probably these last words which made Gangsta Gibbs react.

Gibbs responds to Ak saying his other brother is a prosecutor

On December 7, the rapper without any explicit mention of Akademiks tweeted  : “  I never had a brother prosecutor , but I wish I had one  .” Apparently, the blogger knows information about the rapper’s life that he himself does not know. As of yet, Ak has yet to retaliate , but it is highly likely that he will react very soon.

Stay tuned so you don’t miss any of the rest of this clash that promises to be resounding.

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