Freddie Gibbs versus Jim Jones: a next fight in sight?

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The disagreements between Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones are not new and instead of getting better, the situation keeps getting worse. Lately, the two opponents have even come to blows . A rumor that Gibbs will face Jones in a fight is circulating on networks and recently the rapper responded to it. Will he face him in a ring as he suggested to us regarding his clash with Akademiks Dj?

Violent altercation between Gibbs and Jones teams

Last night a rumor circulated that Freddie Gibbs, Jim Jones and their respective teams had a heated argument at Prime 112 in Miami. According to VladTV, rapper Dipset confronted Freddie Gibbs about insults he had directed at him in the past. In the midst of an argument, a member of Jim Jones’ team punched Freddie Gibbs in the face and a fight broke out. According to the source, Freddie Gibbs and his team have taken a heavy toll.

Gibbs’ nemesis, DJ Akademiks did not miss this opportunity to make fun of his opponent . He had fun recounting the alleged Miami brawl, joking that Freddie Gibbs was preparing for the wrong fight. On Twitter, you can see a long series of Tweets from Akademiks poking fun at Gangsta Gibbs.

Freddie Gibbs responds to Jim Jones fight rumors.

Freddie Gibbs is all smiles after his rumored altercation with Jim Jones in Miami. The rapper appears very serene and ready to do battle with anyone. Following the incident at Prime 112 Miami, he shared a video. In the short clip, he doesn’t seem at all bothered by the rumors that he was beaten up by Jim Jones and his team.

All smiles, Freddie Gibbs declares to the camera, “  Come on baby . It’s me. The rabbit! (I’m the rabbit ) ”.

Does that mean he’s actually going to face Jones in a fight  ? If so, then we must prepare to follow the battles of the century between Gibbs and Jones on one side and between Gibbs and Akademiks on the other.

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