French Montana displays 3D billboard in New York City

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A few days ago, French Montana released their brand new album entitled ”  They Got Amnesia  “. The artist of Moroccan origin has therefore decided to move up a gear with regard to the promotion of his masterpiece. Because of this, he has put in place a rather unusual initiative. Concretely, the rapper installed in New York, a very giant 3D billboard bearing the image of his album. At the same time, he embarked on a small clash sequence with his fans on social networks as usual.

French takes his promo album to the next level

In recent weeks, French Montana’s new album has been making headlines. While this fourth studio album was released last Friday, French decided to do everything possible to promote the project. So, he posted a video on Instagram in which he showed his new 3D billboard for the album. We could therefore see a fairly illustrative cartoon of French Montana jumping into a hospital bed.

Afterwards, the Casablanca rapper said he was the first rapper to install a 3D billboard in New York. “FIRST RAPPER WITH THE 3D BILLBOARD IN NY,” he wrote as the video caption.

Below the post, several users protested, stating that Key Glock was behind the 3D billboard. As a reminder,  Key Glock’s album “  Yellow Tape 2 ” was released on November 5th. And to celebrate that, Glock had installed a 3D billboard of his yellow car crashing into a shop window in New York City. While French may not have been the first, he still found a creative way to promote his album.

”  They Got Amnesia  “: an album not yet at the top

The release of French Montana’s “  They Got Amnesia  ” was unexpectedly delayed last week. Indeed, the opus was due out on November 12, but it did not appear on streaming services as fans expected. Finally, French moved the date of the official release of the opus to November 19 without giving any explanation. It can therefore be assumed that the low return recorded in the sales of the album during its first week is perhaps due to this situation.

Remember that the opus includes several renowned collaborators such as Rick Ross, Fabolous, Lil Durk, Doja Cat and many others. With this project, French Montana hopes to reaffirm itself as a leading voice in the Rap Game.

Moreover, before the album’s release, the rapper faced a few Twitter users who criticized his low impact in the hip-hop industry. In summary, French Montana has the obligation to meet the requirements of its fans by getting more involved in the rap game as at the time. We therefore stay connected to follow the rapper’s news. 

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