French Montana opens up about his alcohol addiction, says his peers are surpassing him

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The American-Moroccan rapper French Montana is one of the most prominent figures in the world of hip hop. However, his rap peers are sure to overtake him because of his alcohol and drug addiction.

French Montana detailed the health issues that made him realize

For almost two decades, French Montana has been essential in the world of music. He started as Young French in 2002 and has enjoyed resounding success. Montana has indeed long played in the court of the greatest rappers like Drake, Lil Wayne and Rick Ross .

Although he reached the highest peaks in hip-hop , he also survived some of life’s most intense lows. The 37-year-old man has twice landed in the intensive care unit due to complications from his alcohol and drug use.

Recently, Montana made an appearance on the show Rap Life Radio of Eden Darden . He mentioned during this interview that it was difficult for him to see his peers surpass him during this difficult phase of his life. “  It’s difficult,  ” he told Ebro. “  I’m going to celebrate, but right now I just want to, I want to stay specific to focus on getting some things done. It’s like a while. What I realize about people who are affected by this stuff, sometimes the train passes you and you don’t even realize it . “

French Montana has claimed that some performers pretend to be drunk to keep up appearances

Montana said many artists and people in the music industry masqueraded as drunk in order to keep up appearances.

”  You’re chasing the top instead of chasing that train you should be in.” You see what I mean ? I feel like I saw a lot of my peers who came from less fortunate places and accomplished so much  , ”he said.

“  I feel like I could have been… I saw a lot of my peers outperforming me and I’m like, Yo, how are they doing? Yo, they act like they’re drinking with you… Like how Akon was drunk with the Shirley Temple and I was like, Yo, you don’t even drink. He was like, Dude, I have to act like I’m drunk with these people. I tell myself Yo, I have to learn from that  ”.

Montana also buried his old feuds with 50 Cent . During his campaign to promote ”  They Got Amnesia,  ” he appeared on the Drink Champs podcast , where he hinted that he was done resenting 50 Cent .

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