Future accused of being a ‘failed father’ by the mother of one of his children

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The Atlanta-born rapper is enjoying no respite. He who announced there is little to want to marry has just seen himself publicly taken over by one of his ex-companions, with whom he had a child.

Future accused of being a bad father

On his birthday, Future will have seen an unflattering video circulating, pushed on Instagram by a woman posing as the mother of one of his children. Far from holding back, the young woman will have called Future a “failed father” , before supporting his point: “When he told me that someone who is not rich did not succeed … I knew while he was burnt out. These words come from the same man who called me and told me how unhappy and lost he was, and how he couldn’t find peace… It only confirms that success is more important than the fact of to be rich . She will continue:“No amount of money in the world can buy inner peace and happiness. It’s very nice to have money, don’t get me wrong, but it can’t mend a broken soul… Once you have everything money can buy, what happens next? You don’t even have emotion for anything…so the next step is to purify your soul. »

As mentioned a few lines above, last week, the same Future spoke of his desire to find the woman of his life and potentially get married: “If I was married, at home with my children, man, things would be different. . It’s a life I’ve never known. It’s something I dream of. It’s one of my dreams. »

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