Future also thinks he could face legend JAY-Z at Verzuz

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Debates continue as to who could measure up to a Verzuz duel against Jay-Z. Everyone gives their opinion and proposes an opponent to the great Hov. Now it’s Future’s turn to be proposed. And it looks like the latter either agrees or maybe disagrees.

“I promise everyone in Atlanta thinks Pluto can win a Verzuz against Hov!” “Bank wrote on Instagram.

That’s the opinion of Duct Tape Entertainment CEO Big Bank Black. For this one, Pluto author Future is the Atlanta man who could go up against Jay-Z. As comments about it swirl around, Future shared Big Bank’s post on his Instagram page.

This act of the rapper created a web of reactions. Many see this as proof that Future shares Big Bank’s view. Which could well be the case if we refer to his tweet of Friday, December 17. “On the streets, I’m taller than Jay-Z. He wrote. He didn’t add anything specific about a Verzuz.

However, Hov remains in ‘I don’t care’ mode. Since he publicly declared that no one was up to facing him in Verzuz, the public and especially the game artists have gone wild and everyone thinks they are holding the right opponent.

For example, Lil Jon believes that the ideal opponent for Jay-Z is Busta Rhymes. Especially since it turns out that the latter is also feared by many artists. He is therefore also among those to whom fans and rappers are working to find an opponent. And why not a duel between these two?

Others offer stars like Kanye West, Lil Nas, Eminem, Lil Wayne or even Drake. There are some who even have fun offering new generation artists like YoungBoy. 

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