Future sets new Soundcloud record by dropping Big Sean, Wale and Young Money

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Future is the first artist to have 10 million followers on the Soundcloud platform. A record that he achieved without really taking care of his Soundcloud account.

It’s time to take stock everywhere in the music industry. Performance monitoring and oversight organizations are struggling to deliver their verdict in order to keep the competition better and better for the new year ahead. At the beginning of the month on Soundcloud we were entitled to verdicts for different categories. The NBA YoungBoy Social Media Phenomenonwas named best artist of 2021. Polo G received with “Rapstar” the awards of Hit of the Year, Hardest Hit and Longest Run. On behalf of the best independent artist category, SoFayGo was the best. Trippie Redd’s “Holy Smokes” with Lil Uzi Vert won the Jam of the Summer award. While we thought that everything was over on the side of Soundcloud, Future comes to extend the Oscars with a record that will remain in the archives. 

Future wins the match on Soundcloud

While everyone’s focus is on sales, streaming, and longevity records topping the charts, Future excels at following without really pushing hard. He managed to rise to the top by reaching the bar of 10 million followers on Soundcloud. He achieved this feat without ever updating his Soundcloud account. The last update going back 13 months. Incredible that the rapper from Atlanta is the first artist to reach the bar of 10 million subscribers and this without forcing. In terms of competition, Future, who performed on Rolling Loud of California, is closely followed by Big Sean with his 9.5 million followers. The top 3 is closed by  Young Moneywhich has 8.47 million followers. Wale is fourth with 8.32 million followers while Pusha T is right behind him with 8.19 million followers. Big KRIT and BoB are in ambush and watch for the slightest misstep to increase their fanbase which totals 8.06 million followers and 8.05 million followers respectively.

Future and its ambitions which merge with its hunger to always do better

Future may not have updated his account but he is very popular on the platform. His most listened to track is “Trap N-ggas”, which has 96.5 million streams. While it is true that the rapper thanked the fans with a message that boils down to ”  thank you  “, he remains focused on bigger goals and this new record is well in line with his words about his ambitions. 

In 2020 he had unveiled without too many details at the microphone of XXL, his ambitions. “  I have the impression of being recognized,  ” he declared. “ I’m still trying to achieve the goals I set for myself. And if they give me too much credit now, it won’t be fair because I’m constantly finding ways to grow and I feel like sometimes you can talk too soon and I don’t want nobody to talk too much early and curse me. So let me work. I understand and recognize it, but at the end of the day, I always achieve certain goals that I have set for myself and that’s how I see it  ”. He especially recalled his creative side by continuing his remarks. ” I can see the impact, but I don’t really dwell on it. Other people could say more than me. Like I said, man, [you] still want to create, want to give your audience and your fans a body of music where they can create and from which they can build ideas and they can live their lives and they can use this album as an example to improve their album or improve their lifestyle. Whatever. Whatever you get out of it.  “

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