Gazo and Ninho move up a gear with the fruit of their collaboration called “Mauvais 2X”

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On Friday, November 19, Gazo decided to release their new track entitled “Mauvais 2X” in collaboration with Ninho. This clip got off to a big start in particular since it had to record the million views in less than 24 hours. The song also benefits from a better ranking in the Top 100 Apple Music France.

An unprecedented collaboration between Ninho and Gazo

Gazo is inevitably one of the great revelations of the French rap game and continues to look good. As a reminder, the young rapper ranked directly at the top of SNEP’s Top Albums thanks to his first mixtape Drill FR. “Even though I’ve always believed in myself, it was quite a surprise. “, He had declared on his social networks. Being very active musically, the rapper decided to release a new clip called “  Bad 2X  ” with his counterpart Ninho.

In the month of June, a video of Gazo and Ninho was shared on social networks. You could just see the two rappers in the studio showing their joy over the track they were listening to. This short video had obviously triggered multiple speculations on a probable connection between the two rappers.

A few days ago, the two artists decided to put an end to the rumors. In this new track uploaded, we find the two young rappers on a rhythmic and powerful instrumental produced by Shiruken Music. The duo undoubtedly performed a great performance in this track. On “Mauvais 2x”, Gazo and Ninho were able to combine their worlds which differ from each other.

Against all expectations, the music video for this track “BAD 2X” from Gazo & Ninho reached one million views in just 1 day. In addition, the title is currently 1st of the Top 100 Apple Music France. Let us add that the title clip was illustrated by an attractive and very aesthetic visual. In this visual, we can perceive the duo in different dark settings while being accompanied by their respective teams. A very nice collaboration that music lovers never tire of listening to.

Ninho on the way with his new album “JEFE”

After the release of his latest project “MILS 3”, Ninho will finally be back with a new album called “JEFE” . To announce the release of this new album scheduled for December 3, the young artist saw things in a big way. Indeed, the rapper has set up advertising posters in the largest shopping centers in France. NI has also done advertisements on channels such as TF1, TMC, W9, C8… Enough to increase the pressure a little bit.

While waiting for the official release of the album “jefe” which will be “  the best of all time  “, we let you discover this real masterpiece signed Ninho & Gazo.

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