Gekyume, son of XXXTentacion, went to visit the burial place of his late father

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Gekyume is being prepared for the reality of his orphan status. He went to visit his father’s burial place.

He is approaching his third birthday, but is already as well known as his father. He is Gekyume, the son of  XXXTentacion . He was first exposed to the media in an inconvenient manner in a fight between his mother and X’s ex-girlfriend, and his grandmother and the late rapper’s mother. Both sought to keep the only biological legacy that X left before dying. They will eventually be forced to come to an agreement in order to take turns for custody of the child. Note that even X could not see his only son before his tragic death.

A story that touches

The then 20-year-old rapper was murdered in a shootout on June 18, 2018. He was able to make two albums before his death. His success started on Soundcloud before he started releasing his debut album 17 which would be second on the Billboard 200. His second album? (Question Mark) would be the same success and better since it was at the top of the charts from the week of its release.

X and his son deserve better

When he died, X’s artistic entourage had a voracious appetite, already releasing two albums posthumously. Managing the image of the illustrious deceased is not really the strong point of the career management team. All that matters for this team is the number and we understand better why  Lil Uzi Vert is wary of accepting a posthumous collaboration at the risk of not really honoring the memory of the deceased.
But all that matters right now is Gekyume who at a young age already recognizes his father in pictures. Cléo, X’s mother, had this experience last January by posting a video of the little one who identifies his father in a photo. The little treasure has many similarities to his father when comparing the childhood photos of the two.If at the moment he is small and innocent, care will have to be taken so that his awareness of being an orphan father is not traumatic for him.
Also young, he has for example already visited the burial place of his late father. An experience that will certainly not please children’s rights organizations. 

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