GK’s PIMP C would have celebrated its 48th birthday on this day

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On this day, December 29, 2021, we remember the birthday of the famous Pimp C of the UGK group who would have blown out one more candle today if he was still alive. Rip the artist.

Happy Heavenly Birthday to Dirty South Legend 

Chad Lamont Butler was born 48 years ago today in Port Arthur, Texas. He was known as Pimp C and a member of the famous Texas rap group called Underground Kingz (UGK). This duo is considered one of the best of their time and above all a pioneer of the Dirty South.

Pimp C partnered with Bernard Freeman to found the duo UGK in 1987. Under the Jive Records label, they released projects such as The Southern Way in 1988; Banned, Too Hard to Swallow in 1992; Super Tight in 1994; Ridin ‘Dirty in 1996 and many more. 

In three decades of career, the UGK duo have released nine UGK albums. Pimp C also shared six completely complete solo albums including three posthumous: The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones, Still Pimping and Long Live the Pimp.

Pimp C died on December 4, 2007 in Los Angeles a few weeks before his 34th birthday. He is said to have succumbed to an overdose of promethazine syrup in his hotel room. But before that, he had long been a prisoner of the Terrell Prison Unit in Texas. Which also had an impact on his health.

In 2002, he was incarcerated and sentenced to eight years in prison. From the penitentiary center, Pimp C released a solo album titled The Sweet James Jones Stories in 2005. He was then released that same year, on December 30, 2005 after serving half of the court sentence. 

A year after the release of Pimp C, the singer released a new solo album titled Pimpalation on December 29, 2006. Then the duo UGK released their fifth album in 2007: Underground Kingz. 

In 2015, Julia Beverly published the Sweet Jones: Pimp C’s Trill Life Story which is an artist biography.  

RIP Pimp C

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