Grief-stricken DaniLeigh addresses her split from Dababy

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DaniLeigh still loves Dababy. This is the conclusion that we will have to draw from his last posts related to the fact of loving.

DaniLeigh has returned to mention her name in the news. While it is true that she was very silent for a while about her dispute with Dababy, she now seems to be dying to talk about it.

Reminder of previous facts

In a violent rant that internet users witnessed through Instagram Live, the couple broke up after police intervened who accused DaniLeigh of common assault.

 After the many statements of support that Dani was entitled to, she had given her news and reassured to go ahead. She had thanked his support. “  I appreciate all the DMs and the stories you share with me… I see a lot of women relating to me. And I can’t wait to inspire more and become the woman I’m meant to be… Thank you for your love and motivation. “.

After this image of a strong woman, we were treated to the painting of a grateful woman. On Thanksgiving, the new mother gave thanks to God for her status as a mother. She had shared the photo of her smiling daughter with the caption “grateful” . So far Dani has not mentioned Dababy. And it was not long in coming.

The collapse of the image of a strong woman following the shaking of grief

Grief eventually got the better of DaniLeigh who resisted the urge to speak out on her painful separation from Dababy. If she did not mention the name of her child’s father, the smartest people on the web have linked Dani’s latest publications to Dababy.

It all started with a post showing Dani holding her daughter with the caption “  I’m doing it alone, but it’s good because I love your love, little girl  ”. This post went viral to melt Dani who let go to his emotions. 

She wrote a message full of sorrow that should not leave Dababy indifferent. ”  I loved you at the worst, but you left me at the worst  “. While it is true that she did not mention Dababy, it is obvious that she is angry with him. Especially since the latter seems to continue a normal life by multiplying the performances on the stages. DaBaby recently returned to the stage with her rise on the Los Angeles Rolling Loud set at the 50 Cent concert. During this reunion with the crowd, fans threw objects at him during his performance. He was also seen in West Palm Beach and then in California for the three-day Rolling Loud show.

A reconciliation in perspective? 

Many love stories that have gone through the throes of separation have ended up resuming their normal sequel. So it wouldn’t be strange if Danileigh and Dababy got back together. The grief expressed by DaniLeigh could help a lot. Likewise, Dababy never wanted to sue Dani. It is also proof that Dababy does not have real adversity as such. Finally the two seem very attached to their daughter, neither of whom has yet revealed the name. It will only be pure buzz and a triumph for love if the reconciliation comes to fruition.

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