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Arrested on Tuesday like Young Thug and 26 other members of the YSL label, Gunna could quickly be released, as the justice system obviously does not have a very important case against him.

This Tuesday, we discovered the very important police operation carried out by the FBI against the YSL label and its founder Young Thug , arrested at his home. Like him, 27 other members of the structure had been apprehended, including a certain Gunna , accused of having participated in the criminal activities of a musical label which took advantage of its status to impose itself on the street, Thugga claiming a link with the Bloods. Thus, justice has revealed the 56 charges against the group, ranging from murder to corruption through drug trafficking or shootings, which falls within the legislation of the famous RICO law. As such, the author of Check, designated as the leader of the gang, is necessarily the one who risks the heaviest prison sentence if he is found guilty. While he was presented to a court in recent hours for his first hearing, several American media reported that he could be sentenced to more than 100 years in prison, which would therefore be equivalent to a life sentence for a Young Thug whose lawyer, however, maintained that he was innocent of all charges against him .

Young Thug
Young Thug this Tuesday for his 1st court appearance

Gunna finally released?

And if his mentor is therefore in a very complicated situation, Gunna could quickly find his freedom. Again, some media across the Atlantic explain that the latter is not the subject of any real accusation, except for his affiliation with the YSL label and therefore his knowledge of the activities in the street of his partners. However, this information is to be taken with a grain of salt as this file seems complicated, both by its number of defendants and by the multitude of facts with which they are accused. We are now awaiting official communication, both from justice and from Sergio Kitchens – the real name of Gunna – or his representatives to know his exact situation.

Gunna Young Thug

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