Guy2Bezbar: his album “Coco Jojo” has accumulated more than 1.69M million streams

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In very good shape lately, Guy2Bezbar does not stop. Last Friday, the rapper pleased his fans by unveiling the very first studio album of his career. Entitled ‘ ‘ Coco Jojo ” , this project composed of 18 tracks is essential in the charts with more 1.69M million streams.

Guy2bezbar: new headliner of French rap?

It was at the age of 17 that Guy2bezbar became known to the French public with the title “ Ah no c’est terrible! ”In collaboration with Niska and other artists. A hard-hitting banger with a catchy chorus that currently has more than 14,000,000 views on YouTube . But after this big success, the rapper decided to take a musical break since he was undecided between two fields, in particular that of music and football. For five years, he took time to train musically while offering the public quality content, including his first solo mixtapes Jungle Vol. 1 & 2.

Finally, it is in 2020 that the rapper of the Goutte d’Or signs a shattering return to the front of the rap scene. He released the first episode of his freestyle series called “La Callé” and received very good feedback from the public. More confident, more technical, with a headliner confidence, Guy2bezbar later returns with the title “Bebeto” . A song that has become a hit with more than 8 million views on YouTube . 

From then on, he does not stop and offers many sounds to his audience. In addition, to maintain its evolution, Coco Jojo carries out numerous collaborations with other renowned rappers. Versatile, he is equally at ease on melodious trap, rap or drill.

And it is rich with this versatility and his great talent that the rapper offers us this year his first studio album called ” Coco Jojo “. And not surprisingly, it is a total success.

“Coco Jojo”: more than 1.69M million streams

After several successful singles and mixtapes, Guy2bezbar decided to present a studio album named ” Coco Jojo ”. A project on which the rapper has collaborated with headliners like Hamza, ZKR, Tayc , but also young rappers including Junior Bvndo, Rapi Sati, Sanchez, SD and Jackmaboy. And this opus received a very nice reception from the public.

Indeed, in the interval of 24 hours after its release, the album has accumulated more than 1.69M million streams on the Spotify France platform. A very good score for the rapper who knew how to impose his style. We can say that he is launched to be a prominent figure in his own right in French rap.

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