Successful singles

Several singles from the album had seen the light of day. The 1st was none other than Lala , whose catchy chorus had marked the spirits. The 2nd track was Boy , released in mid-October, and which has already passed one million views. Finally, Guy-Fernand, whose real first name is, went to Colors to perform his song Cracklanders live, a performance highly praised on social networks at the time of the video’s release. Guy2Bezbar is pure determination, which has come a long way after a checkered visibility for several years . Having achieved a real “ remountada ” as he likes to recall regularly, the interpreter ofPrince de Paris is now in his place, here, on the front of the stage. This sharing, this joie de vivre, these so communicative songs … these are some of the beautiful things you can find in Coco Jojo , Guy2Bezbar’s new album, available below:

Guy2Bezbar – Coco Jojo :