Guy2Bezbar: midweek sales update for his album “Coco Jojo”.

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In full news of his album ”  Coco Jojo  ” released on November 19, Guy2Bezbar continues to chain records. Concretely, thanks to this first opus of his career, the rapper already has 4,571 copies sold in less than a week. At the same time, his title Fendi Love made its entry into the Spotify France top 50. At midweek, here is the point of the sales figures of the album.

Remarkable sales figures

Considered one of the most prolific rappers of the new generation, Guy2Bezbar has been riding some good waves since the release of his album. Entitled ”  Coco Jojo  “ , the French rapper’s first solo project has made a strong impression since its release. First, it should be noted that in the interval of 24 hours after its publication, the album already accumulated more than 1.69 million streams on Spotify France.

However, while we are in the middle of the week, it must be said that the sales figures are experiencing a remarkable rise. Concretely, the rapper 18 th district already has 4571 copies sold with this first project of his career. Impressive statistics which will certainly continue to increase in the coming days.

Remember also that the album is composed of 18 tracks with several artists in collaboration, including ZKR, Tayc or Hamza. Regarding the collaboration with Hamza, it should be noted that this is one of the most appreciated titles of the French-speaking rap public. In other words, the piece entitled Fendi Love  goes on record and allows the project to achieve the th best start of the Global Top Albums on Spotify . In short, it is a real masterstroke achieved by the young rapper of 23 years.

”  Fendi Love  ” in the top 50 Spotify France   

To complete this review of the album ”  Coco Jojo  “, it is important to put special emphasis on the song Fendi Love . Fruit of the collaboration with the rapper Hamza , this title is one of the detonators of the success of the opus. Thus, at midweek, the track is already entering the Skyrock playlist. Better, he brilliantly integrates the Top 50 songs on Spotify France. Clearly, this is a big performance for the first album of the young career of the French drill.

Apart from these performances, it should be noted that Fendi Love also made its sensational entry into the Top 100 Apple Music and Deezer France . On YouTube, the visual of the song has already accumulated more than 650,000 views in less than 4 days. As a reminder, the two artists released an ultra explosive clip that reflects the chill atmosphere of the title.  

In summary, we can say that Guy2Bezbar launched his career in the most beautiful way with this project which records impressive statistics. For a mid-week review, the Parisian rapper can be proud of his work. We are awaiting the figures for the coming days in order to better analyze the evolution of the album. For now, we suggest you revisit the album ”  Coco Jojo  ” by Guy2Bezbar. 

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