Hama and Me: How four loudspeakers change our everyday life

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Was bedeutet Musik für dich? Das haben wir uns gemeinsam mit Hama gefragt. Musik und insbesondere Hiphop geht für viele über reine Unterhaltung hinaus: Es ist ein Weg nach draußen und auch die Möglichkeit, andere Perspektiven zu verstehen. Deshalb begleitet uns die Musik überall hin mit – also so fast. Denn das eigene Handy hat man zwar immer dabei aber an das Klangvolumen eines externen Lautsprechers kommt das nicht heran. Da muss schon eine Box her, die zu allem bereit ist und alles mitmacht.

Damit Musik zu unserem alltäglichen Wegbegleiter werden kann, hat Hama vor einiger Zeit die Kampagne “Hama and Me” gelauncht. Star der Kampagne ist nicht nur eine Box. Wir sehen gleich vier verschiedene Lautsprecher-Modelle, die sich allesamt an das eigene Leben anpassen.


Four creatives, four speakers: Hama and Me


This is shown by the four creatives Frizzo, Vladik, Katja and Jodie. They each took a Hama Box with them into
their everyday lives, with the box perfectly adapted to the talents of each person. For example, Vladik, a
skater from the Red Bull squad, took the Pocket 2.0 Speaker with him and simply attached it to his pants with a
snap hook. Very easy, without much back and forth.

As a dancer, Katja Morozova opted for the Cube 2.0 speaker, which offers the right sound for her and her dance
colleagues, as the handy boxes can be easily connected to one another. DJ Frizzo can also use his loudspeaker in a similarly practical manner, which produces, among other things,
for greats such as arrest warrant. He can use the Twin 2.0, which can be cut in half and is perfect for
placing in your own four walls. Finally, Jodie Calussi brought her art from the canvas to the box and depicted
her well-known motif of the “Gazing Rabbit” on the Pipe 2.0.


The aim of the campaign was also to bring the art and works of the creative professionals involved into focus.
Whether painting, skating, dancing or producing – art is important for us and for social interaction.
It’s not just about the work of the four creatives, but also that of many others, which often fades into the
background after the finished work has been created. Hama has taken on a special role in this, by supporting creative professionals in difficult times and giving
them the stage they deserve. Therefor also props to Hama! Ultimately, we want to be stronger together and really feel the music. Bluetooth speakers create the right
mood with the perfect sound anytime, anywhere!

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