Happy Birthday to RZA’s debut solo album, Bobby Digital In Stereo, released 23 years ago

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Between his many lives, RZA will have to rest for a moment to have fun. His first album celebrates 23 years of life today.

Special candle for RZA who will have to go back 23 years to relive the release of his first solo album entitled Bobby Digital In Stereo.

A late solo flight

RZA took a long time to think to himself. He became more focused and involved in his role as the founder and leader of the Wu-Tang Clan. Thus, he worked with the collective on the release of their first album Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) in 1993. He is in charge of its promotion and is recovering with the band with which they released their second album Wu-Tang Forever in 1997.
It was only the following year that RZA decided to promote itself with a project called Bobby Digital In Stereo. This album name refers to his stage name Bobby Digital in his early days in music.

The fate of this album

This album confirmed all the potential that lies dormant in RZA. The disc is composed of 21 tracks in standard version with a bonus track for the Japanese version. The album is based on the East Coast and Hardcore genres and lasts 67 minutes 57 seconds.
The album ranked 3rd on the Top R & B / Hip-Hop Albums and 16th on the Billboard 200. It was also certified gold in 1999 with more than 500,000 copies sold. The disc allowed us to discover another face of Bobby Digital far from the wild reality of the street. He had a great time playing sounds driven by the keyboard that Bob Digi eloquently called the “Digital Orchestra”.
This album was fertile ground which gave birth to 4 other solo albums without counting the many other collaborative projects in which RZA is involved. The last album ofhe RZA  dates back to 2008 and is called Digi Snacks.

An inspiration drawn from his childhood

Since childhood, RZA has had a love for comics and even wishes to become a superhero. He tried to transcribe this desire in his album at first by the cover of the album. This cover is made up of comic book illustrations. He also readapted his dream with his Bobby Digital personality. In music and through his songs, RZA sang about the dangers that surrounded the daily life of every human in this debut album.

The man of multiple life

RZA today has been successful in film as an actor and director, music and artistic production. Aside from the Wu-Tang Clan and his solo career, he was also a founding member of the horrorcore group Gravediggaz. We even wonder if he will have time to remember this day given his many occupations. He finally invented two lives that rub shoulders in a duality of which he is the only one to have the secret. His wild side and his ardor as well as his joie de vivre are all faces that he brought to his side Bobby Digital at the start of his career before becoming the homebody RZA but which impacts his environment by his constant search for perfection in everything. what he does.

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