Has Tiffany Haddish already found another Common?

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Common and Tiffany’s story apparently seems to be drowned in the past. And if Common took the care to explain the causes of their separation, Tiffany, as for it, remains vague on this subject. She just wants to see her Colombian Common again.

“He’s nice and we spent time together. It’s funny how it works ”, Tiffany 

Fans may have hoped that Common and Tiffany Haddish had a long love affair, but alas, they decided to leave it at that. The rapper and actress, who have known each other for a long time, went public with their relationship a little over a year ago. 

Unfortunately, we recently learned of their breakup; which was confirmed by Common. Indeed, last week the rapper spoke with Hollywood Unlocked and detailed what led to the split. It seems he and Haddish have been a bit too focused on their careers. 

“It really didn’t allow us to spend so much time and put so much energy into our relationship. I don’t think the love has really dispersed. We weren’t nurturing our relationship. Neither of us is going to stop. We both care about our jobs and what we do. Common explained.

For her part, Haddish has been relatively low key on the subject, but she recently surfaced in a selfie with a man. “Does anyone know who this guy is?” I met him in Columbia and I don’t remember his name. It looks so ordinary, ”she captioned the publication on the web. 

A research which seems to have succeeded. Later, Haddish responded to Hollywood Unlocked founder Jason Lee’s comment,  saying he tracked down the man:

“Look, three doses of Vodka and a dark nightclub in Colombia. You might think it’s him too. But I have found it now thanks to all of you. I spoke to him today, he’s nice and we spent time together. Funny how it works. She wrote. Looks like the young woman had no trouble moving on.

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