Heuss The bastard releases an unreleased extract of his future project

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After his last joint album with Vald, “  Horizon Vertical  ” released in 2020, Heuss l’Enfoiré has been less productive in terms of the project since then. However, he continued to harness his talents as a hitmaker by signing collaborations on numerous projects. At the end of the year, the rapper from 92 announces his return with a second solo album. To this end, he unveiled an unpublished extract from the upcoming project.

A very promising return

Launched in rap in 2014, under the nickname of Heustleur, Karim stood out thanks to his collaboration with Kofs. The Hauts-de-Seine rapper continues with a series of freestyles entitled ”  BX LAND  “. However, it must be said that it was in 2017 that he really revealed himself to the French-speaking public on the program Rentre dans le Cercle . Indeed, Heuss achieves a big performance in the middle of confirmed rappers such as Sinik or Graya.

After collaborating with Sofiane on his album “  Affranchis  ”, Heustler released his first album in January 2019. Called “  In Spirit  ”, the project has been a remarkable success with the gold disc certification obtained after two months. Better still, the album won platinum certification by crossing the 100,000 sales mark.

Building on the success of this project, Heuss announced in December 2020 “  Horizon Vertical  ” , an album produced jointly with rapper Vald. A week after its release, the project has sold more than 12,000 copies. A feat that allowed him to sign several collaborations on various projects. We find him in particular alongside Sadek and Sofiane on the Support title . One of the latest releases is the song Unity featuring Gazo and SLK.

Today, Heuss The bastard returns with the announcement of a new album. The French rapper has unveiled a small unpublished extract of the future project. Through this little excluded, the talented rapper unleashes a fairly rhythmic and committed rap prod. At the same time, he shows off all his technique and his outstanding kick ability. Clearly, Heuss is back and the least we can say is that it is a very promising return.

The album “  Conductor  ” arrives in January 2022

A few weeks ago, Heuss The bastard teased his return to the rap game with an album in preparation. According to announcements from the rapper on the social network, the next album is called “  Chef d’Orchester  ”. If nothing has been published yet regarding the tracklist, it is still necessary to notify that the opus will be available at the beginning of the year 2022. Good news therefore for fans who have been waiting for a project from the rapper since 2019.

Moreover, in view of the big performance achieved in this unpublished extract, we can say that the coming album will be a real masterpiece. While waiting for the official release, the rapper from the 92 announces that the project will soon be available for pre-order. In short, all eyes are now on January 2022 to welcome the new jewel from Heuss. We hope that the album will be a great success as the first of his career ”  In Spirit  ”.

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