Hip-Hop: 18 years since Soulja Slim was shot dead in New Orleans

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On New Year’s Day 2003, rapper Soulja Slim was shot dead at his mother’s home the night before Thanksgiving, in his hometown of New Orleans. 18 years later, we still remember it.

18 years already that left us, Soulja Slim, the famous author of “Slow Motion”

It has been almost two decades since the hip-hop world and the Tapp family mourned the tragic passing of young rapper James Tapp Jr known as Soulja Slim . He was then 26 years old.

It was the day before Thanksgiving in 2003, specifically November 26 of that year. While he had gone to his mother’s house in the Gentilly neighborhood for the Thanksgiving celebration, he was shot on the lawn of the duplex he had bought from his mother. We are talking about at least three bullets received in the face and one in the chest.

After the ballistic tests, a young man named Garelle Smith, 22, was charged with the first degree murder of James Tapp Jr. The Times-Picayune of New Orleans reported at the time that Garelle had received 10,000. dollars to kill the rapper. However, the killer will be released later for lack of witnesses. 

A few years after the tragedy, in 2011, Garelle Smith was found dead from several bullets in the body. The New Orleans district attorney’s office still views Slim’s murder as an unsolved case.

In December 2003 after Soulja’s death, his album Juve the Great was released with the track “Slow Motion” which greatly helped to make him known. It’s a feat with Juvenile on which he raps a verse and a half as well as the chorus. The track will be ranked number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

RIP Soulja Slim

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