His look-alike gets kicked out of a club, valid Drake!

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What if the Drake look-alike started to take up a little too much space? Originally validated by Champagne Papi, his slightly too noisy dopplegänger was kicked out of a club. And Drake apparently liked it.

Fake Drake goes too far

Discovered in 2021, this Drake look-alike , who is moreover soberly nicknamed “Fake Drake” , will have multiplied the releases lately, playing the provocation card on demand. Even going so far as to complain that the 6 God is copying him in terms of clothing, the fake Drake was kicked out of a club in Houston last weekend. In a video relayed on social networks, it is offered to see the look-alike escorted by security on site to the exit, without any consideration.

Promoter Chris Chizer even went there with his comment, humiliating the look-alike in passing: “The Fake Drake can’t be there, he has to leave. So we kick him out. The video in question, posted on the Akademiks networks, has since garnered a like from Drake himself , who seems to have enjoyed watching his dopplegänger come out like a common stranger And yet, the same Fake Drake repeated at will having been validated by his model: “Drake said something like: “It doesn’t bother me, it doesn’t affect me, let this guy take his ticket”. »


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