HoneyKomb Brazy Fears For His Life In Alabama Jail

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Honeykomb Brazy, currently incarcerated at the Limestone Correctional Facility in Alabama, spoke on Wednesday to tell his fans he fears for his life and believes he could be killed behind bars.

So far 2021 has been a dreadful year to say the least for the Alabama rapper HoneyKomb and his situation seems to continue to worsen. First the death in February of his two grandparents following an arson, then an extension of his sentence of thirteen more years, after he violated his supervised freedom. 

But the rapper fears for his life

“I’m in Limestone Correctional Center, been there 9 days and they’ve shaken me 5 times already, ” he wrote. ” It’s a racist camp and the cops call me by my name and call me all kinds of n *** aces. I am in prison at the moment, without any explanation or disciplinary report. I’m not really complaining about my situation, but I want to make my family and fans aware of what’s going on. They woke me up at 2 a.m., searched me and put me in a cell with no carpet, blanket or anything, and made me sleep on the floor. I said that to let everyone know I’m not gonna keep doing this shit. I’ve been laid back trying to get home with my family and see the big picture, but I still have my grandma and grandpa and all kinds of other things on my mind. I won’t keep doing this shit they’ll probably run here when they see this post and jump on me. They could kill me or I could get away with it, but I’m not going to do it anymore, so I just want everyone to know about it ”.  

He received a lot of support on this post, including from rapper Yung Bleu, who commented, “  I’m sorry to find out. We are together brother. I send you my lawyer followed as soon as possible “

Brazy, real name Nahshon Jones, was arrested on May 2 on multiple counts, including breach of a probation order and drug and gun charges. Brazy was hours away from a concert in Dothan when he was arrested.

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