How to improve your professional level if you are a musician

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Probably, no one will argue with the fact that music plays an important role in our life: it helps to relax, get aesthetic pleasure, and distract from problems. The performance of the popular group brings together thousands of people who came to the concert. For a musician, creativity is a way to throw out accumulated emotions, to convey his thoughts to others. But what if you want to start playing music yourself? Where to direct your efforts to do it efficiently and improve your level?

There are some disciplines that are worth studying if you want to improve your professional level. Let’s consider them further and write briefly why they are needed at all.


The first important subject to study is solfeggio. There are special exercises in it that help to better recognize intervals, chords by ear, and also develop fret hearing. An example of one of these exercises can be found in this article.

In practice, a good ear for music helps to quickly and efficiently remove the notes of a particular composition in order to record, analyze, and so on. It should be noted that solfeggio is closely related to music theory. Therefore, it is better to master these subjects in parallel.


Arrangement is another useful item. It helps to make one and the same song in different styles: bossanova, swing, samba, etc. Each style has its own peculiarities of constructing the parts of all the instruments of the ensemble.

Other useful knowledge

Knowing harmony is also important for a musician. For example, we can learn to pick the right chords for a melody (ours or someone else’s). For those who are interested in composing their own music, it will be useful to master such a subject as musical form.

The point is that musical compositions can be divided into several parts. They can have an introduction, an end, a climax, a development, and so on. This subject is also studying the structure of musical composition. Knowledge of it allows you to compose music in different forms: three-part, variation, two-part and others.

So, here we go briefly on musical subjects, the development of which can help a musician develop in the right direction. You can master them from books yourself or go to study at an educational institution. The second option will probably be better. In addition, useful information can be found on some sites on the Internet.

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