Human remains found in 1982 have been identified as those of O’Jays guitarist Frank Little Jr

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Franck Little Jr., the famous O’Jays guitarist of the ’60s, or at least what’s left of him was finally identified in Ohio. The police are now seeking to elucidate what they identify as homicide.

This is an old investigative case long classified as unsolved. Today, the whole world can sleep with part of the answer when it comes to the disappearance of classical band guitarist The O’Jays. Within the group, the illustrious disappeared had distinguished himself as a songwriter and guitarist.

The film of a still mysterious disappearance

The alert that the guitarist who worked with the O’Jays was missing in the 1960s was alerted by his family and relatives on the Cleveland side when they realized the man was neither of theirs. side, nor in California. Indeed, Franck Little Jr. lived with the classic group on the side of California. He left the professional group of musicians due to a deployment to Vietnam to fight in the war.

The group of musicians expected their guitarist to return at the end of the war. Not seeing him, they thought he had instead returned to his family in Cleveland. But on the other side too, the fighter we hoped to see again not with a weapon in his hand, but rather with his guitar never made a sign of life.

His disappearance, reported to the authorities, allowed an investigation to be opened.

The bag full of answers but also questions

During the investigation, something new surfaced on February 18, 1982. A garbage bag was located in Twinsburg, Ohio, behind a store. Inside the bag, police found human remains and later determined that they belonged to a black man between the ages of 20 and 35. But for a long time, no specific report allowed identification until very recently.

The DNA Doe Project took up the case already classified as unresolved and worked extensively on it, questioning the remains using technology. At the end of the tests, the remainder corresponded to a sample donated by a close relative of Little. “  There were distant DNA matches that came from South Carolina that we contacted and they were ready to help and provide family trees  ,” Twinsburg Police Inspector Eric Hendershott said.

An investigation resolved but which opens another

With this confirmation of correspondence, Franck’s family can now tell themselves that they have found what remains of the guitarist. Now it remains to be seen what happened to him and the circumstances of his death. For now, the police have opened a homicide investigation and are seeking more information to move the investigation forward. ”  If we get someone who knew him in life, especially in the 1970s, who he lived with, who his associates were, that would be useful information in that case,  ” Inspector Hendershott said. 

This investigation promises to be perilous and enigmatic when we know that Franck Little Jr. led a very discreet life.

The only possible chances of having information about the man are now halved with the death of her daughter in 2012. Police have yet to make contact with her son.

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