Ice Cube lost $9 million by refusing to get a COVID shot

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The West Coast veteran recently confirmed that he lost a veritable fortune by refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19.

Ice Cube loses a real fortune

Passing through the famous Million Dollaz Worth of Game podcast , Ice Cube returned to this colossal sum that passed under his nose, because he refused to be vaccinated against COVID-19: “I refused a movie because I didn’t want this fuckin’ vaccine. I turned down $9 million because I didn’t want to get vaccinated . Fuck this vaccine, and fuck you for trying to force my hand. I don’t know how Hollywood looks at me right now. »

In the process, he will come back somewhat on his remarks, finally explaining not having refused 9 million dollars, but rather having been deprived of this sum: “I did not refuse this sum. Those motherfuckers wouldn’t give it to me because I didn’t get vaccinated. They didn’t give me the amount. »

Last October, the media already reported that Ice Cube had left the filming of the comedy Oh Hell No , with Jack Black, precisely for having refused to be vaccinated, as had been imposed by the producers. Since the departure of the interpreter of You Can Do It , the filming of the film has been put on hold.

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