Iggy Azalea calls on voters who regret voting for Joe Biden

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Azalea is currently on a hiatus from her music career since releasing her album The End of an Era in August 2021, after which she announced that she would be on an extended hiatus. Last Saturday the rapper attacked people regretting having voted for Joe Biden on Twitter, Saturday.

Iggy Azalea took to Twitter on Saturday at people who said they regretted voting for President Joe Biden, warning that the sentiment could bring former President Donald Trump back to power in 2024.

“ I really hate being in politics, but can we stop saying ‘I regret voting for Biden’ because you’re going to blink your eyes and this orange will be in the running for the presidency again,” he said. Azalea tweeted. “It’s so disappointing that you all think it’s risk taking.”

Responding to a fan who agreed with her and admitted that she was a willing voter for Biden, Azalea added, “  I thought we were all collectively in agreement that ‘please, don’t make it worse ‘was worth a vote and in that regard it was successful. can we please remember how the past 4 years have been terrifying and stressful for so many people because of this man ” 

Trump has yet to officially announce a candidacy for 2024; however, he is expected to reveal his outlook after next year’s midterm elections. 

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