Iggy Azalea refuses to experience “chaos” again after the “black fishing” scandal

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Real name Amethyst Amelia Kelly, Iggy Azalea is an Australian rapper and model born June 7, 1990 in Sydney. She was the victim of a wave of hatred in July over a long period of time and accused of blackfishing. History tries to repeat itself since the release of her music video “I Am The Stripclub” but the singer refuses to live it this time.

Iggy Azalea accused of “blackfishing” after the release of her music video “I Am The Stripclub

“You can’t shake me , ” that’s what Iggy Azalea told people accusing her of “blackfishing” after her “I Am The Stripclub ” music video released this summer. In the visual, the mother-of-one chose to swap her signature blonde locks for a sleek , dark black style , and some viewers suspect her different look is no coincidence.

Internet users are heard after viewing the clip

“Two pictures of Iggy Azalea in her new music video and she’s blackfishing,” one person wrote on Twitter at the time. “ The white woman is about 14 shades darker than her natural skin tone and the whole structure of her face looks different. She has long dark hair and hoops, ”the netizen continued, sparking an online debate with many other viewers who were apparently concerned.

Azalea defended herself by saying “ fuck these people, lol” , referring to her detractors. The phrase “these people” sparked even more outrage, with people saying the 31-year-old’s wording was racially callous . “Internet users are always trying to read things that aren’t that deep, ” Iggy replied in outrage.

Iggy then explains …

Despite the rising tension , the singer refuses to be intimidated . She therefore returns to the charge after the indignations in these terms: “ These people are all those who have a problem with the fact that I wear a black wig and that I perform in a dimly lit room , but who do not. ‘have nothing to say about the same makeup in other scenes… not hard to understand . ”

Recently a fan asked Azalea if we would ever see her again with black hair, to which she replied, “I’m not signing for this chaos again lmao”, the rapper was probably referring to the hate she received in July and beyond.

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