“I’m a dog”: NLE Choppa eats animal feed

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Meme-ripe actions are nothing unusual for NLE Choppa. Now the young rapper goes one better and appears as a dog in the latest promo
for his song, which is apparently called “Dog Ass Chopstic”. And if moving on all fours wasn’t enough, Choppa also shows in the
video how he tastes dog food.
In the “teaser” you can also hear the song in which the artist raps “I’m a dog, I’m a dog”. The strange video doesn’t show any real dogs.

NLE Choppa eats dog food in song promo


In the video, NLE Choppa (now streaming on Apple Music) can be seen crawling on all fours on the floor and first drinking water from a dog food bowl and then apparently eating dog food. You can also see the artist playing ball and stretching out together with his friends.

Esoteric instead of hip-hop at NLE Choppa


In the summer, the rapper seemed to give up his music career to devote his life to esotericism. For this, the rapper dedicated himself to herbalism and the cultivation of “healing” curiosities. Choppa has probably not given up on the plan – after all, you can still buy a few products in his shop. However, he does not seem to have turned his back on music for good.

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