Imagine Dragons unveils the tracklist of “Mercury – Act II”, its new album

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Imagine Dragons will release their new album “Mercury – Act II” on July 1, less than a year after its predecessor. The American group shares the tracklist of the disc containing 18 songs. All the info on Pure Charts!
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Imagine Dragons doubles the fun for its return. Last September, the group published their new album “Mercury – Act I” , a real call to raise their heads after a difficult period marked by confinement. ” This record is about celebrating life, not with a dark and sad side, even if there are moments of sadness or anger, like on ‘Cutthroat’. Even “Follow You” is a love song that talks about loyalty, feelings. But yeah, this album was impacted by losing those very important people. That’s why, now, more than ever, let’s celebrate life! proclaimed loud and clear the singer Dan Reynolds in an interview for Pure Charts. Despite a rather discreet promotion in our region, the disc still sold more than 97,000 copies in France thanks to the success of the singles “Follow You” and especially “Enemy” . This last track, written for the Netflix animated series “Arcane”, was such a hit (723 million streams on Spotify) that it was then integrated into the digital editions of the album “Mercury – Act I”.

An unreleased extract available!

And who says “Act I” necessarily says “Act II” that the American quartet confirmed a few months ago via the excellent single “Bones” , for a scheduled release on July 1st. Now, a few weeks before its release, Imagine Dragons unveils the tracklist of its new album “Mercury – Act II” . In addition to “Bones”, 17 other songs will make up this second act which, given certain titles like “I Don’t Like Myself”, “Younger” or “I’m appy”, once again promises to be quite personal. for singer Dan Reynolds. Note that the track “Higher Ground” does not seem to be a cover of Stevie Wonder’s hit repopularized in 1989 by the Red Hot Chili Peppers, in view of the credits. In terms of collaborations, Imagine Dragons has called on its faithful producers Mattman & Robin or Justin Tranter and shares a duet with R&B singer Cory Henry on “Continual”.

A teaser posted a few days ago by the band hints at a new extract from the equally rock album. As for the red cover of this one, it takes up that of ‘Act I’, except that this time, the character is no longer in free fall but in levitation. A way to find the light? There is no doubt that some of these new songs will be honored during the concert that Imagine Dragons will give at the Lollapalooza Paris festival on July 16. Note also that the disc is available for pre-order,

Tracklist de “Mercury – Act II”

1. “Bones”
2. “Symphony”
3. “Sharks”
4. “I Don’t Like Myself”
5. “Blur”
6. “Higher Ground”
7. “Crushed”
8. “Take It Easy”
9. “Waves”
10. “I’m Happy”
11. “Ferris Wheel”
12. “Peace of Mind”
13. “Sirens”
14. “Tied”
15. “Younger”
16. “I Wish”
17. “Continual” (featuring Cory Henry)
18. “They Don’t Know You Like I Do”

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