Immortal: an NFT collection of jewelry inspired by her “MAKAVELI” bracelet and the last photo of 2PAC before her death

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A new collection of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) inspired by some of the jewelry Tupac Shakur wore is announced. It is the fruit of the collaboration between MakersPlace and the artist’s family.

Tupac Shakur, Wake Me When I’m Free, a museum, an art installation and a sensory experience

According to a press release, MakersPlace – the leading non-fungible token marketplace for rare digital art – has partnered with the 2PAC Shakur family of the late to create an NFT collection called Immortal, in honor of the artist.

“Working closely with his family, NFT Artists Impossible Brief and the Digital Arts & Sciences curators were able to select pieces from his personal archives that had deeper meanings and intentions attached to them,” the press release states. . 

This collection of NFT ” Immortal ” jewelry, consists of memorabilia ranging from the solitary diamond rings of the late legend, to the Makaveli bracelet and the locket he wore in the last photo taken of him. These are Tupac creations since in 1996, the last year of his life, he decided to design his jewelry himself.

“It was with Tupac’s personal vision and ideas that they carefully created this digital assortment of jewelry he designed and worn, marking the world’s first NFT authorized by the Shakur Estate. »Specifies the press release.

The Immortal collection is set to launch on December 15, giving a first look at some of 2Pac’s personal items featured in the museum’s future experience: Tupac Shakur, Wake Me When I’m Free. Next, the museum is slated to open on January 21, 2022 in Los Angeles at Canvas @ LA Live, Georgia Street and Olympic Boulevard, for a limited time. Tickets are on sale on the Wake Me When I’m Free website. 

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