In support of Jim Jones, Akademiks continues to attack Freddie Gibbs

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Since the altercation between rappers Jim Jones and Freddie Gibbs, Akademiks very upset, continues to show his anger towards the latter. And even if Freddie Gibbs does not react to the podcaster’s attacks, he is far from letting go. 

Akademiks defends Jim Jones and takes on Freddie Gibbs

Akademiks has been attacking Freddie Gibbs on the web for a while. And it is intensifying day by day. An old quarrel or Akademiks just wants to defend Jim Jones? Either way, it all started with the physical altercation between Freddie and Jones. 

Indeed, on the night of December 14, Freddie Gibbs and Jim Jones met in a steakhouse called Prime 112. An argument ensued which then became a fight. In the videos that have circulated on the web, we can easily see the two clans sending punches and kicks. For some, this fight would be the culmination of Gibbs’ subtle attacks on Jim Jones in recent years. 

After this argument, when Akademiks was already making fun of Freddie who allegedly received more hits than Jim in this story, Gibbs posted himself on the web and showed that he was doing well. This, the day after the fight.

The release of Gibbs did not stop the host of the podcast Off The Record in his tracks. DJ Akademiks shows support for Jim Jones and sends attacks to his enemy. Moreover, we remember that he recently revealed some truths about Gibbs ‘family when he spoke of Gibbs’ brother who would be a prosecutor.

He therefore did not fail to address this aspect in this affair of brawl between Gibbs and Jones. “Freddie Gibbs certainly told his police officer father and his brother prosecutor about Jim Jones. “He declared on social networks. For him, Gibbs would undoubtedly be setting up a case against Jones in complicity with these members of his family.

And while Akademiks’ attacks on Freddie Gibbs flood the web, neither rapper has reacted appropriately. Not being the type to get involved in so-called clash stories on the web, Jim Jones was content to show that he was still in Miami for his business and that he was shooting a clip with the musician Hitmaka.

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