In the 2000s, DMX traveled to the Arizona desert for a musical and spiritual retreat

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By 2001, DMX had already become an unlikely superstar. A few years ago, Puff Daddy had said that DMX was unsaleable. He was feared in his own neighborhood of Yonkers, New York – someone who was avoided when seen walking around the corner with his dog. Now the whole world wanted a track from X. He had channeled all the pain of his first three decades on Earth , through rhymes that had filled the pages of his notebooks for years, into three multi-platinum albums. 

After three years, DMX withdrew to the wilderness t

Along with his home producers, road men, and close friends – everyone who made his first albums happen – DMX has rented a few houses in a quiet part of Scottsdale. 

This was before the Phoenix suburbs were developed; its exit was the last on a stretch of motorway that was still under construction. It was not uncommon to stop at a red light and see a pack of coyotes heading for the mountains. The environment was the opposite of where DMX came from, far from the tall project buildings that kept one side of the street in the shade. They would fill buckets with chicken, fill a cooler with beer, tie guns to their four-wheelers, and go into the desert for hours until there was nothing left around them.

Pour créer un double album: Walk With Me Now et You’ll Fly With Me Later

The goal of this retreat was to make a double album with gospel influences which he hoped could save him from his drug, legal and marriage problems. The albums were created with producer Divine Bars and a singer named Janyce whom X allegedly met in a Nordstrom in Phoenix. Janyce’s talent in the studio inspired DMX to record worms on location. Some of the songs were leaked, but most were stored on hard drives.

The previously unreleased works are titled Walk With Me Now and You’ll Fly With Me Later , the former being hip-hop songs and the latter a composition of spiritual praise without blasphemy. “  No songs on the b – es, no songs on the flight, just Give Glory to God,” DMX said of the music of the day.

DMX had the ambition to present the gospel album on tour to mega churches in the South and wanted to open his own church, House of the Afflicted , where he would care for the homeless and those struggling with addiction.

Arizona wasn’t all a good time for DMX . While he recorded most of the songs on the gospel album in one night in 2008, X reportedly went to a nearby loft to smoke crack cocaine. He has also been arrested several times for identity theft, drug possession and others.

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