Interview with Travis Scott by Charlamagne Tha God about the incident at the Astroworld Festival

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Several weeks after the incident at his Astroworld festival, Travis Scott finally breaks the silence. Interviewed by Charlamagne Tha God, the artist tries to give his version of the facts. 

Travis Scott’s first public appearance after drama at Astroworld Festival

A few days before the trial on the Astroworld affair, Charlamagne Tha God was able to hold a moment of exchange with Travis Scott who until then had not spoken on this subject publicly. 

How does Travis feel about this tragedy?

At the start of the interview, Travis looked thoughtful and stayed that way throughout the interview. When Charlemagne asks him how he feels, Travis tells him he’s still wondering how the unique bond between him and his audience could have taken such a destructive turn. 

“It’s so hard because I’ve always felt connected to my fans. (…) I’m really trying to find my way around. I wish I could be there. Talk to them, have conversations with them, give them a hug. At the end of the day, these fans are your family, so you feel like you’ve lost something. You do these shows so that people have the best experience possible. », Travis.

Faced with the charges, Travis’s version

Travis tried to give his side of the story. Throughout the interview, he refuted the idea that he had knowledge of crowd deaths and maintained that he hadn’t heard anyone screaming for help between songs.

“I really rely on the energy of the fans as a collective. The call and the answer. I didn’t hear that. I have music, I have my headphones. You can only help what you can see and what you are told. When people tell you to stop, you just stop. », Travis.

Does Travis feel responsible?

In response to Charlamagne’s question about whether he could have stopped the show, Scott said he was only told that “when guests like Drake leave the stage, you have to stop the show”.

Claiming that he has done all he can “physically” to help and that he will not “speak too soon” about those responsible, Travis has placed emphasis on preventing any similar disasters.


In recent weeks, those who claim that what happened at Astroworld was completely preventable have often cited Police Chief Troy Finner’s concern over “energy” in the crowd as a sign of Travis’ neglect and Co. But in Travis’ memory, nothing like this happened. 

“He came to my trailer and congratulated me on the event. He told me there had been a problem at the sales booth earlier. They closed it, but they reopened it and overpowered it. »Travis.

Regarding the allegations of poor planning and “understaffing” in terms of security, Scott said, “As an artist you are just creating. Since it’s my festival, I bring the artists, I produce it in a creative way. We just trust the professionals to know people are taken care of and are leaving safely. “.

To the families of the victims

After several families of victims rejected his offer to pay the funeral expenses, Travis was keen to stress that he always wanted to help out in any way he could.

“I would tell them I’m still here. I am there with you and I love you. It’s not just for today, it’s forever. », Travis.

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