Island Boys heat up on Logan Paul’s Impulsive podcast

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The Island Boys are twin brothers from Florida who recently rose to prominence on TikTok. Both artists are known for their off-pitch rapping style and distinct looks, consisting of dyed dreads and tattoos on the face. Since the release of their first single, the Island Boys have been booming. Their clip for I’m an Island Boy was released almost two weeks ago and has already surpassed 2 million views. If two weeks ago, the two brothers engaged in a televised face-to-face with Gabe during a recording of the podcast The Nelk Boys, 

Yesterday, they turned up the heat in a heated exchange with George Janko during Logan Paul’s podcast Impaulsive

The show’s set consisted of Paul, his two co-hosts, Mike Maljak and George Janko, and a rotating roster of special guests. All together, they focused on gossip as well as the latest news within the influencer community. 

In a video clip from the podcast, it can be seen that the debate was reaching a boiling point when Kodiyakkredd looked at George and said, “You know I’m a thug, right? I already told you to stop and you keep talking about it. It’s probably because the cameras are on. ”  The sequence also shows a confused Janko, apparently unconscious of how the conflict started. He said, agitated, “What the fuck just happened?” Explain to me what I said. “ Shortly after this proclamation, Logan Paul rose from his seat and put an end to the dispute by informing the rap duo that the interview was over. 

After the incident, Janko posted his own video on YouTube, titled “Island Boys Tried To Fight With Me On Impaulsive…” . In his vlog he says, “I’m one of their biggest fans, man. I would have bought merch if they had had merch. “ Although the brothers did not give details on the problem, Logan Paul went on Twitter to promote the next upcoming interview using the heated extract. The full interview will be released on Tuesday.

The day after the show, the Island Boys got back into the good graces of the Paul brothers by promoting Jake Paul’s upcoming boxing match against Tyron Woodley in an Instagram post. 

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